Lenovo on the phone

Lenovo had seen in the sale of the mobile phone business, I said this is a foolish action, and no detailed study causes of gas until today to see the "new Lenovo Mobile to regain domestic first in three years," the article to be a loose In one breath, the domestic brand handsets started relatively late, 06-07 years after the reshuffle, a few Chinese mobile phones, although only Lenovo mobile phone business has been bad but still withstood the pressure. As the pride of Chinese people, Chinese a few shots with the terms of the brands, Lenovo adhere to the phone line is correct.
The Lenovo mobile operators are also independent of the note is a good start, this title can be seen from Lenovo’s determination is there, as the basis for wireless terminals and the most development potential of the mobile phone industry is from the traditional call of the Phone text messages to mobile terminals over, if Lenovo missed the opportunity that was regrettable, Fortunately, Lenovo did not let us down, Lenovo pc hardware or more say in the future mobile phone models will be a small computer I believe this is a trend. Last year, the blog statistics surprisingly, most of the Japanese language is actually, if you look at the twitter on is easy to see that nearly half of its Japanese, why then, one of the students studying in Japan told me, the Japanese daily Life is the largest Internet using a mobile phone, or a mobile Internet terminal, which also achieved the first of the Japanese, which will be China and the world the direction of the development of mobile Internet will be the development trend, of course, its popularity has also paragraph , The mobile service fees have yet to be adjusted.


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