Fellow countrymen, comrades and friends,
Today, we hold a grand celebration to mark the 60th anniversary ofthe founding of the People’s Republic of China. At this cheerfuland solemn moment, people from all over the country’s ethnic groupsare extremely proud of our great nation’s development and progressand are confident of the Chinese nation’s bright prospect on theroad to revival。
On behalf of the CPC Central Committee, the National People’sCongress, the State Council, the Chinese People’s PoliticalConsultative Conference and the Central Military Commission, Ihereby pay tribute to all the revolutionary pioneers of oldergenerations and martyrs who made great contributions to realizingnational independence and liberation of the people, the country’sprosperity and strength and happy life of the people. I send warmcongratulations to people from all ethnic groups in the country andpatriotic compatriots from home and abroad, and express heartfeltthanks to the friends from other countries who care about andsupport China’s development。
Sixty years ago on this day, the Chinese people achieved greatvictory of the Chinese revolution after more than one hundred yearsof blooded struggle. It was here that Chairman Mao Zedong solemnlydeclared to the world the founding of the People’s Republic ofChina. At that moment, the Chinese people stood up and the Chinesenation with over 5,000 years of civilization began a new page ofdevelopment and progress in history。
In the past sixty years, with the three generations of Partyleadership with Comrade Mao Zedong, Comrade Deng Xiaoping andComrade Jiang Zemin as a core, and with the leadership of theCentral Committee formed after the 16th National Congress of theCPC, with hard work and wisdom of all ethnic groups of the country,the Chinese people have joined hands to overcome the great hardshipand made great contributions that have been recognized by theworld, and proved our perseverance and endurance. Today, asocialist China is standing firm in the east as marching towardsmodernization, embracing the world and future。
The sixty year’s of development of New China has proved that onlysocialism can save China, only reform and opening up can developChina, develop socialism and develop Marxism. The Chinese peopleare confident and are capable of building our own country and makedue contributions to the world。
We will unswervingly follow our path on socialism with Chinesecharacteristics and comprehensively implement the ruling party’sbasic theory, basic line, basic program and basic experience. Wewill maintain our policies of emancipating our thoughts, of reformand opening-up, pushing forward scientific development and promotesocial harmony. We will push forward the process of comprehensivelybuilding a moderately well-off society, turning new pages in theendeavor of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and opening newchapters in making the people’s life better。
We will stick to the policy of "peaceful reunification" and "onecountry, two systems" to help Hong Kong and Macao remain prosperousand stable, to seek peaceful development of cross-strait relations,and to work for the complete reunification of the motherland, whichis the common aspiration of the Chinese nation。
We will unswervingly maintain an independent foreign policy ofpeace. We will follow a path of peaceful development. We will seeka strategy of win-win cooperation based on the five cardinalPrinciples of Peaceful Co-existence. We will develop friendlyrelations and cooperation with all nations. We join hands with thepeople from all over the world in pushing forward the lofty causeof making the world more peaceful and progressive and building aharmonious world of long-lasting peace and prosperity。
The Chinese People’s Liberation Army and People’s Armed PoliceForce should uphold their glorious traditions, build up their ownstrength and fulfill their missions practically so as to make newcontributions to safeguarding national sovereignty, security andterritorial integrity, as well as world peace。
History has shown us that the road ahead may not always be assmooth as what we expect. But the Chinese people who are united andare masters of the destiny will overcome all difficulties andobstacles and will continue to create great historicundertakings。
Look forward to the future, we envision bright prospect for China’sdevelopment. The whole Party, the army and people of all ethnicgroups will unite more closely, holding up the great banner ofbuilding a socialism with Chinese characteristics, and advance withthe times and with enterprising spirit. Let’s continue to build upsocialist modern nation with prosperity, democracy and harmony,move forward to realize the great goal of rejuvenation of theChinese nation and make new great contributions to the well beingof humanity with our diligent work and unremitting efforts。
Long live the great People’s Republic of China!
Long live the great Communist Party of China!
Long live the great Chinese people!



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